Go Go In-flight WIFI and Netflix (not) Watch Instantly

6:30 pm Here’s a screenshot of the speedtest I just took on my Delta flight from Salt Lake to Boston.  While I’ve been able to get a Netflix Watch Instantly going (and that’s pretty amazing when you think about it) – you’ve got about 5 -10 minutes per view session before it buffers out and takes between 5 and 15 minutes to continue.    At $9.95 for the flight – it’s cheaper than buying a movie in the airport – and allows me to post this while I’m waiting for it to restart.  Now, back to Heroes….

3/9/11 Speedtest on Delta Flight Using Go Go internet

6:43 Updated – The playtime didn’t even last 5 minutes – and now I’m in buffer/wait mode.  Another speed test says I’m running .17 down, and .03 up.  Getting worse – more people probably joining in.  At least they didn’t advertise it as “high speed service” – just Wifi.  It would be great if Netflix offered a “low bandwidth” option – and shrunk me down to a much smaller screen – I’d rather do that than wait – not to mention be less of a bandwidth hog on the plane.

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